Why have a celebrant led wedding…?

Why have a celebrant led wedding…?

Our wedding, Rivervale Barn, 17/02/2020

Having a celebrant led wedding means that there are no limitations on your wedding ceremony at all. A wedding celebrant can officiate in your favourite museum, the wood behind your grandparent’s house or on the beach. In short, a celebrant can officiate anywhere. None of the restrictions that apply to registrar weddings come into play. You can have any readings and any piece of music you want; you can write your own vows and have a ceremony as short or as long as you’d like. Your celebrant can even officiate at any time of day! A celebrant will make your wedding ceremony all about you, rather than about obtaining a legal status.

Probably one of the most asked questions around having a celebrant led wedding is why? Why have a celebrant led wedding if they’re not legal? The answer is simple because this is your wedding. A registrar won’t meet you beforehand, they won’t plan every aspect of your ceremony in minute detail, and they won’t tell your story. Ceremonies probably get the least thought of all during the planning process, but they’re the whole reason everything else is happening! So why not make your ceremony totally and completely about you? Why not have a ceremony that is as personalised and suited to you as the rest of your wedding is?

A marriage is a legal status, the wedding is the celebration. So, let’s celebrate! No more standard scripts or bored guests, you deserve the ceremony to end all ceremonies and a celebrant can give you that.

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