Baby Naming Ceremonies…what are they?

Baby Naming Ceremonies…what are they?

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Congratulations on your new arrival! As a new mum myself I know what an exciting and overwhelming time this can be and you may be looking for a way to celebrate and welcome your bundle of joy to your family and to the world. But a religious or formal ceremony just doesn’t sit right or suit you and your family.

A naming ceremony is a perfect way to celebrate your new arrival and we can work together to create the perfect celebration as you step into this next stage of your life.

But what is a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony is an alternative to a formal or religious ceremony such as a christening. They can be held anywhere, the woods, a village hall or your back garden and are completely unique to you and your family.

Are they just for babies?

Not at all! They’re just known as ‘naming ceremonies’ but they can be whatever you wish. You can have a ceremony to welcome any child being welcomed into your family and can be a beautiful way to bring together a blended family – sand ceremonies go great here!

How old does my child need to be?

Any age! They can be tiny and brand new or running around like crazy. I am the very proud guide parent of a little boy who’s naming ceremony was coupled with his first birthday party.

What does a ceremony look like?

Any way you’d like it to. Naming ceremonies are just as varied as the people taking part! There can be guide parents, certificates, and promises. There could be a sand ceremony to show a blended family coming together, you could plant a tree and watch it grow with your little one. There is no restriction on what we can do!

Get in contact today to start planning the perfect ceremony for your family.

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